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Use your appetite to beat other sea creatures and defeat the Shark King once and for all

Use your appetite to beat other sea creatures and defeat the Shark King once and for all

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What is Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is an aquatic-based arcade game first released in 2004 that eventually became popular enough to see re-releases on the XBox Live Arcade for both the original XBox and XBox 360 systems. It ranked among the top 20 most popular XBox Live Arcade games in 2006, charming players with simple a premise and gameplay and cartoon-style graphics.

The game starts by putting players in control of a hungry sea predator. There are five playable characters in total, and players switch off between them while eating their way through a full course of the game's 40 levels. There are always bigger fish in the sea, though, and it's important to avoid chomping on something harmful or getting eaten by an even bigger fish. The last level has players taking on the most dangerous predator of all, though -- the menacing Shark King.

There's actually very little violence in the game and no gore. Combined with the fact that Feeding Frenzy isn't particularly difficult and has bright and colorful cartoon graphics, it holds tons of appeal for children and fans of casual games. Experienced gamers in particular may find gameplay too easy, but that doesn't make it any less interesting to watch the playable characters continually grow. All five characters become larger the more they eat.


  • The cartoon graphics are bright and fun, lively and pleasant to look at.
  • This is a good game for children and casual gamers in particular, many of whom will be drawn in by the simple gameplay and premise.
  • The game's sound effects are also very good.
  • Feeding Frenzy is a little reminiscent of popular animated movies like Shark Tale and Finding Nemo. People who enjoyed those movies will most likely enjoy playing Feeding Frenzy as well.


  • The lack of challenge may fail to appeal to all demographics of gamers, particularly gamers who enjoy difficult games.